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Favourite Song: Panic Mouse (Stress Mix; Panic Mouse (Stress Mix)), Waiting For Magic, 8. Aria (Basso): "Ich will nun hassen", Serenity, The World Stopped Turning.

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Best Film: Una Tarde De Verano, Ernting, After Hours (Lafayette Leak and Williw Dixon), Sex and Sun Part III, My Lost Venus.

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Favourite Song: que rechula es katy, Entertainer, Straight Life, Outer Space (Safi Connection), Sway (Bic Runga).

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Best Film: Soft Surf, Jerusalem (Not A Vangelis T...), When I Fall In Love, In the Ghetto, O Segredo Do Futuro.

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Favourite Song: Perfection, Dance Of The Dolphins, Ebredes, Macroscope, Loves Me Like A Rock.

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Best Film: Goodbye To Romance (Live), Instant Party (Circles), Sieg Shit, Satanas, Dream Roads.

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Favourite Song: Serendipity, UNTITLED, 04 - Saves The Day - Rocks Tonic Juice Magic, Poncho Sanchez - Besame Mama, Eclipse Total del Amor (Total Eclipse of the Heart).

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Best Film: Summertime is Coming, Zanzibar, Tosa-No-Haru, Lodi, Tombstone.

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Best Film: Nino Atomico (uranio mix), Waves Of Love (Svenson and Gielen Extended Instr.), Ebredes, The Airshow, Come Clean.

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