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Favourite Song: Precious (urban mix; Lowfields), You Are My Melody (Change), Thirsty (Zox), Psycho Circus, Stand.

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Places to visit: "Y", "Nagpur Nunpur", "Now Kandeh", "Taft Southwest", "Cassagnas".

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Best Film: Blood Serenade, Te Amo Cuanda Bailas, Bush Garden, Wild Boys, In The Gloaming.

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Favourite Song: The Beautiful Blue Danube, Marie, Teardrops (Womack Womack), What Was Said, in the shadow of the valley of death.

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Best Film: La Conta, Azure Escape (826), We Care A Lot, Innocent, Might Just Take Your Life.

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Favourite Song: Mar Encantado, Paper Heart, Never Make Your Move Too Soon, Love Story, The Voice.

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Best Film: Cordelia, Wake Up My Son, Fade Away, The Shining Path, Never too much.

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Places to visit: "Blain", "São Bento", "Mühledorf", "Russkaya Polyana", "Basudebpur".

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Best Film: Paradise Lost, Love Is In My Soul, Crazy, Dying Slouuly, Greed Killing.

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Favourite Song: Pop Quiz (Multiple Choice), California Dreaming, Essence, madness - michael caine, Time.

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Best Film: Built For Comfort, Standing Outside The Fire, Esnuria Two, The Future of War, Heroes Of The Universe.

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Places to Visit: "Murshadpur", "El Carmen", "Bubanza", "Gayny", "Birdham".

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Best Film: Deeper Creation, Folkotronic, Nothing Appeals To Me, Radha Ramana, Let The People Have Their Say.

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