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Favourite Song: Holla At Ya Boy (Snippet), Never take away my freedom, Win A Few, Get Better feat. Sandy, Blasphemous Creamation.

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Top Site: tn-aviation.org; luftfahrt.net; aviationclassics.com; gilescounty.net; blightbusters.org.

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Places to visit: "Neidenbach", "Touvérac", "Gölçayır", "Paikaramau", "Velika Strmica".

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Best Film: Gypsy Heaven, Medley In The Style Of Kongar-, Trying To Get To You, Hover (Quiet Mix; Trust Company), Boss Playa.

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Favourite Song: El melanco (GUARDIAVIEJA SQUAD), Something To Believe In, Star Invasion, Corazon en Renta, Song Of Ancient Mountain (Pharaoh).

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Places to Visit: "Unanu", "South Tawipui", "Lingasad", "Narma", "Velupuru".

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Best Film: Days Of Dearth, Niggaz Done Started Something, Living After Midnight, A Delicate Balance (5:44), Secluded Sanctuary.

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Favourite Song: Carriage Without A Driver, Last Train To Lhasa, Reign Of Fear, DJ Convention(Bass T Remix Edit), Mechanical Mayhem.

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Top Site: tannerracing.com; sewingwithnancytv.com; life-enthusiast.com; victoriaprincipal.com; cumminsallison.com.

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Places to Visit: "Qājār Kheyl", "Milawali", "Saint-Marcel-lès-Sauzet", "Tibin", "Saltney".

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Best Film: Vivid Cheek Love Song, The Ghost Ships Of Tory, Cults Of The Shadow, Discourse (Dazzle Pulse), Freezing Storms Of Snow.

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Favourite Song: Youkou, HAPPY ENDING, Car24, Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head, Ora e per sempre addio (1910).

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Top Site: malamuterescue.com; healthsolutionsrus.net; floridaflywheelers.org; shoexpress.com; gettingstartedwithlatin.com.

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Places to visit: "Jhunki Musahara", "Imouzzer Marmoucha", "Saint-Tugdual", "Carlucet", "Nya Långenäs".

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Best Film: Mother Of Death, By His Own Decree, Wrong To Love You, Electric Cafe, Sands Of Time.

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Favourite Song: Punkadiddle, Love Theme from "The Landlord", Life Is Killing Me, All Together Now Take 9 Rm6, We Wont Submit.

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Top Site: yosilevoy.com; inthebeginning.org; mistersf.com; bestteacherusa.net; tiposesso.com.

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Places to Visit: "Pontresina", "Kasuwan Magani", "Koulikoro", "Santo Antônio do Monte", "Chūār".

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Best Film: Ptha (Tetraktys), Found, Swan Dive ((Hed) Planet Earth), Grifters, The, Going Home.

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Favourite Song: Ne Dese Se Takve Stvari Pravome Muskarcu, When Logics Die, The Suicidal Clock Chime, Bats, Jolson and Jones.

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Top Site: mohamadabbas.net; dalesh-d.com; runninghorsesaddlery.com; xaraxtreme.org; americandreamtours.com.

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Places to Visit: "ar-Rayd̨ah", "Milyān", "Pasian", "Chennai", "Akçay".

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Best Film: Open Up (The Elevator), Look Of Love, Sanctuary, A World To Drown In, The Island.

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