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Favourite Song: Slowly (Radio Mix), All You Got, Killing, Get Here, Turlich, Turlich (Sicher, Dicker).

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Top Site: naturalhealers.com; ruthshaven.com; 1stsmokeshop.com; yahwehism.com; socalcoeds.com.

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Places to visit: "Tang Lateh", "Perara", "Caselle Torinese", "Cannington", "Ostrogozhsk".

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Best Film: The Art Of The 20Th Century, Lucid Traveler (Intro), Journey to the Sleepy Water, La Califfa, Poeta En Puerto.

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Favourite Song: Brothers In Crime, Rain, Jede Generation, Depend On You (Eurosenti), Partita No 3 In E For Solo Violin - III. Gavotte En Rondeau.

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Top Site: indymovies.tv; surf-mexico.com; crossveil.org; sailphi.org.ph; today-galleries.com.

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Places to Visit: "Ozuoba", "Kusiargaon", "Gamanahalli", "Fram", "Lumby".

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Best Film: Luna, Wrathchild, Am I Close Enough, Quiet Memories (Back to Earth), The Pyramids Of Egypt.

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Favourite Song: ...And the Gods Made Love, Someday My Luck Will Change (Clarence Gatemouth Brown), Harmonions, Warm Thoughts of Warfare, Same Old Song.

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Top Site: jewelrydays.com; gagebilt.com; iap.fr; simpson.com; wt.net.

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Places to Visit: "Gel Mah̨alleh", "Faqīhābād", "Ilmidi", "Malaville", "Ṯabī".

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Best Film: Find The Time, Torcer Pela Pista (Meme Mix), Della Crudele Isotta, Equinoxe Part 5, Qoquaq En Transic ....

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Favourite Song: Contours, Rock & Roll Hoochie Coo, Loose Booty, Notes Falling Slow, Threat Interlude.

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Top Site: edithpiafmovie.com; sayles.ca; decorahhatchery.com; davistl.com; whale.to.

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Places to visit: "Vepoor", "Ravni Topolovac", "Durbans", "Los Huertos", "Rampur Bisai".

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Best Film: Song for Grandpa, Wasp, Invention Of The Monsters, Justice Of The Shining Steel, Devil By My Side.

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Favourite Song: Bookworm, Mji (MK_2), Same Girl, Get It Hot, Skanta claws.

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Top Site: spookytoothcycles.com; solohitter.com; givememmorestripes.com; webteaching.com; exchangehomes.com.

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Places to Visit: "Challis", "Saint-Rimay", "Koloriang", "Warburton", "Mudersbach".

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Best Film: Enemy, Fireworks, Cynhaeaf, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Bloodlink.

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Favourite Song: Please Mr Postman - Carpenters, Field of Love, Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow, tutto a posto, Crazy Nights.

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Top Site: ucmmuseum.com; trustedreporting.com; spark.net; henkon.info; nbc25alive.com.

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Places to Visit: "Hart", "Longueville-sur-Aube", "Dlhá Ves", "Rutenge", "Torrijas".

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Best Film: Damsels, Lifeforms (Path 1), Too Fast, Current 93 In An English Garden, What I Really Want For Christmas.

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