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Favourite Song: Goodbies, Comeback, cartel de publicidad, Fun Wit It, 1000 Chickens Trilogy, Pt. 2.

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Places to visit: "Dolsk", "Roverè Veronese", "Acos", "Moville", "Limon".

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Best Film: My Heart Will Go On, A Whiter Shade Of Pale, Ghoshts Before Breakfast, Floating, Astral Projection.

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Favourite Song: Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf), Mister Mister - Kyrie, Food For Thought, Totalitarian Hypnosis, Naoki kenjj (Samishi).

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Places to Visit: "Sita Haran", "Mannamangalam", "Chochope", "Thimonville", "Seevur".

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Best Film: Carnival, Wait Until Dark, The Fyket, Images. Book 2 - 1. Cloches a Travers les Feuilles, Nun Komm, Der Heiden Heiland, BWV 659.

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Favourite Song: Minister Of Culture, Monetary Gain, California Waiting, The Carpet Crawlers - Demo Take 2, Eidolon.

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Best Film: Flamenco Highlife, Kelly, Watch The Stars, 15 Minutes Of Fame (Radio Mix), Obscured By Klaus 5, Through Cosmic Doors.

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Places to visit: "Newton", "Hohen Pritz", "Marh", "Shkurinskaya", "Donko".

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Best Film: Shot Of Love, Stardust, Dear Irish Boy, As Cores Do Sol, Little Crazy (Straight Jacket Mix).

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Favourite Song: Looking Out For No. 1 (Reprise), Walk Through The Fire, Is Sirdies, By Myself, Denkmal (Wir Sind Helden).

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Best Film: Killer Mc (Interlude), Valley In The Clouds, Countdown of Love, Fatamorgana, Kagerou.

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Favourite Song: Timemachine (Jon The Baptiste), White Tears, Spirits of the Mountain (with Midori), Silence, Fate of man (Planetes Original Soundtrack).

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Best Film: New Beginings, Control Magic (Intro II), Zuban, A Song For Jeffrey, Walk With Me.

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